Hi, I’m Sacha!

I’m am integrative health & nutrition coach, occupational therapist, bio-hacker and wellness & fitness expert.

Working as an Occupational Therapist for over 10 years across various settings and populations, my love for helping others reach their health & wellness goals has been the main driving force in my becoming a health coach. I quickly realized the important role nutrition plays in wellness, however, along my own personal journey, I discovered that there is so much more to living a life glowing from within than just nutrition.

I spent 12 long years battling an eating disorder which left me depleted, exhausted and sick with a myriad of autoimmune disorders, hormone and thyroid imbalances, debilitating digestive issues and hatred for who I had become. There were times where I couldn’t see the light and decided that this would be the rest of my life; a battle with food, unending self pity and an empty soul. As I slowly began to seek the help and guidance of professionals, I spent most of my time relying on someone else to fulfill all the deep, dark voids in my life. It wasn’t until I realized that self love was at the root of my recovery and unless I planted that seed, no amount of sunlight, help, therapy or professionals would help. My curiosity in spirituality came during this time when I felt so lost, beyond scared & fearful for what was to come. My future looked bleak; relationships, jobs, my career, joy, happiness etc. were all severely lacking. This is where I sought out the help of spiritual guides & healers, bio hackers and wellness gurus who also had similar histories as myself. I was slowly beginning to see the light, although I felt timid, I knew deep down in my soul that this was my path.

Throughout the years I reconstructed every facet of my life. It was like a million little holes were punctured into the fish tank and I was slowly mending each one. This journey was and always will be my way of growth, and it is one that I am beyond proud of.

There are so many incredible tools I have in my box; some that I use and practice on the daily (meditation, breath work, journaling, crystals, adaptogens, movement, sunlight, grounding) and others that I use when the time calls.

As I was going through all these dimensions of change, I began to take on a more holistic approach to my nutrition, lifestyle and well-being in order to optimize all these areas of my life. Seeking to bring balance between primary (areas of your life such as relationships, spirituality, career, hobbies, joy, exercise) and secondary (the food on your plate) foods became my ultimate goal. That was when I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to complete my health coaching certification. Throughout that time I felt like an artist tapping into different mediums. I slowly began to weave my web; tapping into my curiosity & creativity. I began to explore bio-hacking, different nutritional approaches, spirituality, meditation, breath work, sound healing, yoga, reiki, astrology, shadow work & inner child healing, nature bathing & connecting with Mother Earth, plant & animal medicines. I experienced, explored & created this beautiful lifestyle that I only could ever dream of and that’s when I knew I had to share it with the world. I’m am integrative health & nutrition coach, occupational therapist, bio-hacker and wellness & fitness expert.

My goal in creating “Glow by Sacha” was to share the strength, power, magic & beauty in all of us. We are all divine beings which at times seek out guidance from healers, and that is exactly what I want to be for YOU. I’m here to create the space & give you permission to discover the best version of you both in the kitchen and within your soul.

Some of the most difficult and darkest days are here to guide us to the magic within and I’m here to give you the tools so that you can transform yourself & glow from within!

My Training

Bachelor’s in Health Science:
Quinnipiac University

Master’s in Occupational Therapy:
Quinnipiac University

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach:
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Reikei Level 1 Certification:
Alektrik Wellness

Ben Greenfield:
Boundless Masterclass