Feel Empowered in the Kitchen

Are you ready to create the kitchen & pantry of your dreams? 

I will help guide you to create the easiest & healthiest lifestyle and living space that is your kitchen

  • Create the kitchen/pantry of your dreams!
  • Customized for YOU & your needs
  • Easy to Follow
  • Tailor made grocery list
  • Catered to your dietary preferences
  •  Reach all your health goals

Are you ready to incorporate life-long changes into your nutrition & lifestyle?

A healthy You starts in the kitchen.

No more feeling confused & overwhelmed… FEEL EMPOWERED!

How it works

Initial consultation.

The Purge!.

Organization & methodology.

Tailor made grocery lists, recipes & tools to set you up for success.
  1. Kitchen History consultation- We go over ALL the things
  2. The Purge! We get rid of all the foods, drinks & products that are not serving you, clean & clear out so we can start with a fresh template. You will also learn how to read nutrition labels & decode ingredients to build a healthy kitchen. Knowledge is power!
  3. Organization & Methodology- we shop, organize & set up your kitchen for nutrition success.
  4. Follow up- Tailor made, completely customized grocery lists, recipes, handouts and tools to establish lifelong habits & rituals

Invest In Your Health

This program is the ultimate TIME saver!

You’ll receive a tailor made, highly customized experience where I help you create the healthy kitchen/pantry of your dreams so you can reach your health goals!

You’ll learn what to buy, how to organize & prepare food in a simple, easy & time saving way

What’s Included?

Surround yourself with the good stuff & make your kitchen foolproof!

  • One 60 minute in-home/virtual visit & consultation
  • One 30 minute follow-up + Q&A
  • Customized grocery shopping lists & pantry guides
  • Nutritional handouts & other materials
  • 5 day customized meal plan
  • Copy of my “Glow by Sacha Black Book”
    • Over 85 pages of all the food brands that are GBS recommended- making shopping simple, easy & healthy