Grocery Store Tour

Navigate food shopping like a pro and create healthy & delicious meals for all of YOUR nutritional needs

Eliminate the confusion when it comes to food shopping-

No more time wasted wandering down the aisles not knowing what to buy, buying foods that you end up throwing away, being left with no idea what to cook and end up ordering take out.

Together, I’ll help guide you through the store or online, where you’ll learn how to read food labels and choose the best foods to stock your healthy kitchen & pantry.

Grocery Store Tour


  • In-person or Zoom meeting
  • Learn how to navigate the grocery store (in-person/online) to best fit your nutrition needs
  • Read & understand ingredients lists and what to look for/avoid
  •  Copy of my Glow by Sacha Black Book making food shopping simple, easy & healthy
  •  Q&A
  •  Tailor made grocery store list and templates
  •  5-Day customized meal plan

The struggle with what to buy at the grocery store ends now.

Are you ready to change your lifestyle, reach your health goals and live a healthier & happer life? The best place to start is in the kitchen!

How it Works

Initial Consultation-
We will discover what’s best for YOUR body and create a customized shopping list for your needs.
I walk you through a 45 minute Grocery Store Tour on the best practices for food shopping. Everything from reading food labels to storage to creating quick, easy & healthy shopping lists
You will receive customized notes, handouts and templates supporting you dietary needs and goals, and to ensure you continue with best practices

I get you REAL results!